A healthy brain does not like sugar

Important facts for bouncing your brain back to its best.

1) High blood sugar levels cause inflammation. Inflammation impairs neuron communication. Blood sugar levels can be lowered. You can change your blood sugar levels by eating less carbohydrates, no sugar, more protein and more fat. Our bodies are flexible (up to a certain point).


2) Sugar is addictive, especially fructose (corn syrup) used in candy and sweetened drinks. Eating sugar and carbohydrates causes us to eat more sugar and carbohydrates. sugary drinking bad for brain

3) We eat sugar because it contains chemicals that in the short term cause a “happy feeling” and also activates the reward system in our brain, but eventually this causes addiction in which we need more and more sugar to get the same “happy feeling.”

blood sugar influences mood

3) Sugar if not used by the body goes straight to fat stores. Fructose (corn syrup) drives our sugar up and insulin up and then insulin sends unusable fructose to fat at a higher rate than glucose which we get from fruits and vegetables. This is why sugar makes us fat.

blood sugar fluctuations

3) Sugar is everywhere even in foods labeled  “healthy” and those labeled “no added sugar.”

sugar intake

4) Sugar alternatives raise our insulin levels just as if we have eaten sugar. You cannot trick your body.

5) Sugar alternatives and fructose (corn syrup) are sweeter to our taste sensors than sugar.

6) A low-fat diet causes us to eat more carbohydrates because they are tasteless and less filling. Low fat option often have sugar added.

obesity over past 40 years

7) Fat fills us up and thus suppresses our appetite and consequently we eat less. Carbohydrates, especially sugar causes our blood levels to fluctuate. Hungry and grumpiness return every few hours.

meals effects on blood sugar


8) The cholesterol from foods we eat alone, does not affect the cholesterol our body produces.

9) Carbohydrates also cause high cholesterol and have a higher correlation with blocked arteries. (VLDL)

10) Carbohydrates should be eaten only with fats like butter or olive oil or with protein or both.

11) Eating a lot of sugar for years causes changes in our gut bacteria (good bacteria) which reduces our ability to regulate our blood sugar levels.

gut bacteria

12) Food that elevate our blood sugar levels are individual because of these bacteria.

13) High chronic sugar consumption depletes our B-vitamin stores which are important for using the fat from our fat stores.


14) High chronic sugar consumption alters our moods by depleting our B-vitamin stores which are important for producing neurotransmitters in our brain that control our mood.

Foods with B-vitamins

15) It takes 10 days for our brains to adjust our taste sensors and reward centers to eating less sugar. Eating less sugar makes us less hungry overall and improves our mood.

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